About Localpad

Localpad.co.uk was set up as a web based service to assist people across the UK in finding their ideal private housing. As one of the leading private housing search engine services, our aim is to help people find the property most suited to their needs as easily and as quickly as possible. We understand how important it is for people to find the right home for their circumstances.

We work very closely with numerous councils and endeavour to provide a comprehensive and constantly updated database of both private and Private housing. This is so users can benefit from being able to make an informed choice with easy to understand, helpful and practical advice.

In doing so we also offer agents/landlords throughout the UK an opportunity to advertise and sell their properties to the hundreds of thousands of users visiting our site each year. Our unique service also provides agents/landlords with a free and powerful online property management tool which has been developed over the past 10 years.

We successfully help thousands of users find the right housing each year, whether it is a privately owned house, flat, bedsit or council owned property. Whatever your needs, Localpad is on hand to help out!

We welcome any feedback that you may have about the service we provide or any of the properties listed on our Localpad websites. Comments can be sent to feedback@localpad.co.uk