About Schemes Empty Homes

Empty homes are a waste of homes and money.

Nationally we have a housing crisis with over 215,000 empty properties in England and over 250,000 people including children living in temporary accommodation. In order to meet the demand of homes for everyone the Council are considering different options such as utilising empty properties. Bringing empty properties back into use will:

  • benefit those who need a home
  • improve local communities and continue to help them thrive
  • reduces the risk of crime, vandalism
  • Reduces outgoing expenditure and can generate an income

What is an empty property?

An empty residential property is one that has not been lived in for more than 6 months.

What problems can they cause?

An empty property can:

  • Attract anti-social behaviour
  • Cause concern with overgrown gardens
  • Allow habitation of pests
  • Attract fly tipping
  • Cause disrepair to attached properties on party walls

If you have an empty property, we can:

  • offer advice on inheritance, probate or family disputes issues
  • offer a guaranteed rent through our leasing scheme with a housing provider
  • discuss your options and the best way to proceed
  • help find the right contractors to work on your house
  • assist you to be a successful landlord

Our support is tailored and free of charge, and we'll listen to what you need and the barriers you face.

If you do not live local or are struggling with the idea of trying to manage the property, you can sign it over to a local Social Housing Provider through our leasing scheme. This way you get an income every month without any worry about renting the house.

Council Tax Policy

As an owner of an empty property, you are liable for the full council tax of the property however you may be eligible to apply for a discount however if your property has been empty for over 2 years you may be charged an additional empty home premium. The empty homes discounts and premiums currently stand at:

Where a dwelling is unoccupied and substantially unfurnished

The Council may apply a 1-month discount of 100%, where this discount has not been applied within the last 6 months

Where a dwelling is requiring or undergoing structural alterations or major works to make it habitable

A 25% discount may be granted for up to one year

Where a dwelling remains unoccupied for a period of 2 to 5 years

A 100% additional premium may be added

Where a dwelling remains unoccupied and substantially unfurnished for a period of 5 years and more

A 200% additional premium may be added

Where a dwelling remains unoccupied and substantially unfurnished for a period of 10 years and more

A 300% additional premium may be added

How do I get in touch?

If you have an empty property you can contact us by emailing us

Meanwhile, here is further information on your liability in regard to Council Tax and what you can apply for to reduce the costs of bringing your property back into use for example Reduced VAT