Leasing Scheme FAQ

Why should I join the leasing scheme?

There are many reasons why, for some landlords, leasing their property to the local authority is preferable to using a high street letting agent or going it alone. Our dedicated team take the stress out of letting a property as we will chase rents, assist with tenancy disputes, complete the time-consuming and legally required paperwork. We will ensure your property is let in accordance with all the latest legislation and guidelines.

What type of property is suitable for this scheme?

We are looking for one or two-bedroom properties within the Barnsley borough that are in good state of repair and meet the current Barnsley Standards. We may consider larger properties, but these will be taken forward on a property by property basis. There are some areas of the borough which are in lower demand so this may affect the decision to proceed.

What are the current Barnsley Standards?

You must have a valid Gas Safety certificate, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), an Electrical Safety certificate at least 1 smoke alarms on each floor and there are no hazards present at the property. For more information on the Barnsley Standards.

I want to lease my property. Do I need to tell my mortgage lender?

Yes. If your property currently has a homeowner mortgage outstanding on it, you must inform your lender that you wish to lease the property and obtain their permission before you can lease your property.

How will the value of my property be assessed?

Our dedicated team member will conduct a full evaluation of your property and then we will be able to tell you how much rent per month you could expect. The rent is based on the number of bedrooms in the property and is restricted by the Local Housing Allowance threshold. For more information on Local Housing Allowance click here.

Who signs the tenancy agreement?

A lease agreement will be drawn up between the landlord and Target Housing then a tenancy agreement will be signed by the tenant and Target Housing on behalf of the landlord.

Who covers the rent payments?

Target Housing cover the monthly rental payments and will make payment to the landlord on a monthly basis. The landlord can rest assured that there will be no rent arrears as we take on the role of chasing the tenant for rent arrears. The benefit is also that there are periods of non-payment of rent or rent arrears as Target Housing cover that cost.

Who organises repairs and maintenance work?

If the tenant reports a maintenance problem, the landlord will be contacted to arrange for this to be resolved however if any damage is caused by the tenant Target Housing will cover this damage.

Can I trust the tenants will take good care of my property?

It is impossible to guarantee that tenants will look after your home in the way you would hope, but as part of our leasing scheme, a dedicated team member will manage the tenancy and any tenant damage will be rectified by Target Housing.