Barnsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme

Barnsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme is a voluntary scheme that recognises good landlords with properties within the borough. The scheme has recently re-launched to work with private landlords to achieve our aim to improve physical standards, good rental practices and quality of property management. This will be accomplished through encouragement and support but also working with and recognising landlords who are willing to attain and adhere to good property standards.

Registered landlords will be able to register their properties to achieve a star rating, advertise their properties for free and have access to a range of incentives including:

  • Advice and support dealing with tenancy related issues and anti-social behaviour
  • Discounted licensing fees
  • Resource documents to support and improve tenant landlord relationships
  • Small interest free loans for energy efficiency measures

The star rating has been introduced to encourage greater tenant choice and raise living standards. It works in a similar way to the rating scheme used by the Food Standards Agency. Stars are awarded to landlords who comply with the law and who rent out properties above the minimum statutory standards in line with Barnsley Standards. The system allows landlords to advertise their properties so tenants can choose a property and landlord knowing they have been checked and approved by the council.

How to Join

If you wish to apply to the scheme, please complete the online application form and property standards form. There is a fee to join the scheme of £50+VAT (£60.00) which will be paid annually. You must read and be aware of all the requirements before submitting your application. The team will then evaluate your application, check your safety certificates, inspect your property, and issue a certificate confirming your status as an accredited landlord.

The compliance checks and property inspections will be kept to a minimum for landlords that adhere to the codes. The scheme outlines these procedures in more detail and what happens if you fail to comply with the codes. Landlords will always be given an opportunity to remedy problems but landlords who persistently fail to adhere to the codes will be subject to the disciplinary rules set out in the scheme.

Purpose of the Scheme

The scheme is run by Barnsley Council for the benefit of landlords and tenants. The scheme aims to improve physical standards, good rental practices and quality of property management within the Private Rented Sector by promoting good physical condition of properties, promote minimum expected tenancy management standards and grow the number of landlord and tenancies recognised by the scheme.

Operation of the Scheme

Upon receipt of a new application Barnsley Council will ensure that the landlord is responsible and suitable for the scheme before arranging an inspection on the properties they wish to register. We make our decision using any existing information we hold on the landlord, information provided by the landlord and any outstanding debts owed to the Council. Following a successful application, landlords will be awarded with a certificate showing their status of accreditation and given access to the benefits of the scheme. The membership of the scheme is reviewed on an annual basis with inspections taking place every 3 years.

Disciplinary Matters

Breaches of the scheme may result in landlords being removed from the scheme and possible legal action.

Similarly, if landlords wish to make a formal complaint about the scheme, they can do so through the Council’s complaint’s procedure

Requirements of the Scheme

Landlords will ensure that:

  • Prospective tenants are aware of any charges they are liable for including rent, deposit, utility charges, etc.
  • There is a written tenancy agreement and inventory with pictures if possible
  • The tenant’s deposit is protected using 1 of the Government’s approved schemes
  • They provide the tenant with a clear complaint’s procedure
  • Tenants are aware they are not to cause a nuisance and if so, landlords will use reasonable action to achieve compliance. Landlords can seek advice and support as part of your membership
  • They and anyone acting on their behalf (employees, workmen, etc.) will always act in a professional and courteous manner
  • All their properties are maintained to a satisfactory condition in accordance to the Council’s minimum standards (more detail below) and any repairs that are reported will be acted upon in a reasonable time
  • Deposits are administered efficiently and reasonably at the end of a tenancy
Commitment from the Council

The Council will ensure that:

  • Regular landlord meetings are held
  • Landlords can advertise their properties
  • Landlords can access references for former Berneslai Homes tenants
  • A discount will be awarded to any licensing charges, pest control & visitor parking permits
  • Regular advice, news and information is available to landlords
  • Access to advice relating to Anti-Social Behaviour and rent arrears are readily available
  • Access to small interest free loans for energy efficiency measures


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