Rights and Responsibilities

Your landlord or managing agent is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the property is ‘fit for human habitation’ when let and during the tenancy, this means that it must meet basic standards.
  • Ensuring that the structure an exterior of the dwelling including drains gutters and external pipework are in good condition
  • Ensuring that gas and electrical appliances as well as water supplies and sanitation are in proper working order
  • Provide a rent book where the rent is paid weekly or in cash
  • Provide you with their full name, address, and contact details
  • Provide you with a copy of a valid gas safety certificate, electrical safety certificate, energy performance certificate (EPC) and “How to Rent” guide
  • Allow you to “peacefully enjoy” the property
  • Carrying out any repairs for which they are responsible far and to inspect the condition of the property however they must give at least 24 hours’ notice in writing of an inspection
  • Managing agents must be part of a letting agent redress scheme and display this on their website

You are responsible for:

  • Acting in a “tenant like manner”. This means you should perform the smaller tasks around the house such as changing a light bulb, unblocking the sink when clogged and cleaning the windows when necessary
  • Not causing any damage to the property, this also includes your guests or visitors. If you or your guests do cause any damage you will be responsible for the repairs
  • Checking smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on a regular basis and replacing any batteries
  • Refuse collection! You must dispose or recycle of your waste correctly using the correct bins, for information on what goes in each bin can be found on our website along with your collection day. On collection day remember to put your wheelie bin out and bring it back in after it has been emptied
  • Securing the property when you go away and inform your landlord or managing agent if you are away for an extended period
  • Being reasonable regarding noise and parties, let your neighbours know in advance and comply with the law
  • Report all repairs immediately, preferably in writing. If the fault is not corrected within a reasonable time seek advice from our Safer Neighbourhood Service

Harassment and Unlawful Eviction

  • If your landlord or managing agent wants you to leave your property, then a legal process must be complied with before you can be evicted. This will include a written notice, if you are evicted without the landlord or managing agent following the correct procedure, then they are committing a criminal offence
  • If your landlord or manage agent interferes with your “peaceful enjoyment” either by unannounced visits, not fulfilling their responsibilities, disconnecting utility supplies and so on, this may be classed as harassment which is also a criminal offence
  • If you are in danger of eviction or suffering from harassment by your landlord or managing agent, you should contact our Safer Neighbourhood Service